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William Morris: Art  


watercolor in gothic window shapePaintings, Drawings & Stained Glass

Paintings and Drawings

Stained Glass
  • Marilyn Ibach, William Morris and Co. Stained Glass in North America, William Morris Society, 1983. [PDF 18 pages]
  • Lewknor Windows, St. Margaret's: All the windows in this church are attributed to Morris himself; all 6 angels were designed by Morris in 1873. An entry in the Catalogue of Designs, dated July 1877, also records an alteration involving the replacement of the Angel with Cymbals, the wings painted by Pozzi. Contact Elan Preston-Whyte at elan @ rjpwhyte.plus.com.
  • "Liberty" stained glassTwo Lewknor windows photographed by John Ward
  • http://www.stmartinsbrampton.org.uk: church windows by Morris and Burne-Jones in St. Martins Church, Brampton.
  • "William Morris and Friends" photo set on Flickr - a collection over 2,300 mostly stained glass window photos by of a pool of 113 member photographers
  • Creation window (design by Morris and Philip Webb) at Church of All Saints, Selsley, Gloucestershire.
  • Chaucer Asleep  at Victoria and Albert Museum [photo source: tylluan /Flickr]
  • Liberty figure (see right - design by Edward Burne-Jones) portion of window made for Unitarian Church, Heywood, Lancashire (1898) [private collection].
  • Detail from Sermon on the Mount window (design by D. G. Rossetti) at Church of All Saints, Selsley, Gloucestershire [center panel, left-most window].
  • Building of the Temple window (design by Burne-Jones) at Trinity Church, Boston, MA [photograph by Mark Samuels Lasner].
  • Mr. P. Neil Ralley is working on a book about Morris stained glass, and the Society is delighted that he wishes to share some of his images with our members. Below are links to two of Mr. Ralley's images of Morris stained-glass windows.
  • Florence S. Boos' Gallery of Morris Stained Glass