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Kelmscott House

Kelmscott House sketch

Visitor information

Kelmscott House, Morris's home 1878–96, is a private house and not wholly open to the public.

The basement and coach house (entrance down steps leading from driveway), now known as the Kelmscott House Museum, serve as headquarters for the William Morris Society.

Photo © Helen Elletson, William Morris Society

Opening Times

Kelmsctt House Museum is open the public Thursdays and Saturday from 2–5 p. m. Visitors are encouraged, and educational activities for groups of schoolchildren are provided on advance notice.

Location and Contact Details

Kelmscott House Museum
26 Upper Mall
London W6 9TA

(020) 8741 3735
Fax: (020) 8748 5207
william.morris @ care4free.net

For information on events and activitiies at Kelmscott House Museum vist the William Morris Society UK Kelmscott House website, www.williammorrissociety.org.uk.

Underground station: Ravenscourt Park (District Line), the one-half mile along Ravenscourt Road, King Street, Nigel Playfair Avenue, subway beneath A4 and Furnivall Gardens; buses 27, 91, 267 or 290 to Hammersmith Town Hall; road A4 to first turning to the left west of Hammersmith flyover.

photo of house from river Thames
Photo: Kevin J. Brehony (múinteoir)

Kelmscott House Museum Education Program

The William Morris Society welcomes school visits to Kelmscott House Museum. These free education programs are aimed at students in levels KS1 and KS2. Units are available for both History and English. For further information download the brochure or contact:

Helen Elletson, Curator
Kelmsctt House Museum
26 Upper Mall
London W6 9TA UK

(020) 8741 3735
Fax: (020) 8748 5207

plaque on house
"Guests and neighbours, on the site of theis Guest-hall
once stood the lecture-room of the Hammersmith Socialists.
Drink a glass to the memory!  May 1962"
                                        "News From Nowhere"  William Morris